OBD2 Vehicle Tracker

/OBD2 Vehicle Tracker
OBD2 Vehicle Tracker2019-02-19T22:58:45+05:30
  • Plug and Track
  • Small and easy to mount case
  • Reading OBDlI data
  • speed, RPM, mileage, DTC and more
  • identify DTC error codes
  • internal GSM/GPS/GLONASS antenna
  • Real Time tracking
  • Smart algorithm of data acquismon
  • (time, distance, angle, igninon and event based)
  • Operanng in roaming networks
  • Auto Geofencing
  • Deep Sleep mode
  • FOTA (firmware updating Via GPRS)
  • Trip start and end detection
  • Jamming detechon
  • Xcessing Idling detection
  • Vehicle onboard parameters reading